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Konrad Kaczmarkiewicz
Cambridge & London Photographer

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Family Story






Kitchen & Furniture

Private Projects

beautiful woman, black and white, ilford HP5

Family Story


Business portrait

A portrait is my favourite type of photography. Below you will find links to the portrait portfolio. The portfolio is divided into business portrait and personal portrait.
I would like to invite you to a photoshoot in Cambridgeshire. Let's create your personalized and unique portrait in the beautiful city of Cambridge
beautiful woman, black and white, ilford HP5

Portrait Photography

Hello, I am Konrad, I am a professional photographer with over 10 years of experience. I am based in Cambridge, where I run my own photographic business providing services for private clients and companies. I specialise in capturing portraits, interiors, family photos, weddings, events photography.

I am friendly, professional and always take the time to understand my client’s needs and make them comfortable.

On this website, you will see my portfolio of commercial works, artistic creation, travel shots and private projects.

This is Konrad's Kaczmarkiewicz Photographer website, Cambridge & London Photography

Cambridge Photographer