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Konrad Kaczmarkiewicz

Photographer freelancer

Born in 1988 in Poland, Konrad was initially educated as an economist. One year after he graduated he decided to change the path and follow his passion and began studying photography at WSSiP in Poland - Art and Design University.

Konrad is a professional photographer with over 10 years of experience. He is based in Cambridge, where he runs his own photographic business providing services for private clients and companies. He specializes in capturing portraits, family stories, weddings, interiors, events photography. He is friendly, flexible and professional and always takes the time to understand his clients needs and make them comfortable.

Konrad is an artist who uses photography as a tool to record information. He takes care of the details, aesthetics and technical considerations while working on commercial photography orders. Privately, he works on his own projects documenting the path, changes and development experience through life. He creates photography according to the ‘here and now’ approach. His images please the eye and relax the mind. His private work can sometimes be difficult to read and metaphorical but always according to his true self. He goes his own way, mixing different means of expression, giving the very best image of the beauty and character of every person or place.


Listens to the heard and uses the mind

Ambitious minimalist

Curious traveler





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