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28 April 2020


It was the most spontaneous journey ...
The end of winter, the beginning of spring, Poland ... it's raining ... One afternoon (Thursday) I got a phone call from my friend (it's worth noting that! I've known her for several months, took her hitchhiking to the festival and met maybe twice. We had a good flow, she told me about her travels and told her to let me know if she planned the next one) So she called and quickly got to the point, there are cheap tickets to Gambia for a charter flight, departure in three days and she is not going but her friend is going ... It starts funny I thought ... I asked if it was the only flight, she replied that they were also a week later (it was also the minimum period for me to vaccinate). A quick insight on what is necessary, budget, prices, what we do, what is the general idea, etc. ... I wanted to be there, adventure knocks on my door, I wouldn't think of it now and it's so spontaneous. I said I want to go and I will do my best to get there.

So I informed my family about my idea ... "Mom, Dad, I'm going to Africa in a week" I love seeing their faces at these moments.
Within two days I received four vaccines (I have no more limbs, so only four ...)
One of my friends worked in a travel agency that organized a charter flight, so I was able to get an additional discount on our flights.
Purchase of malaria drugs.

A week later (Thursday evening) I meet my travel companion in Warsaw city.
Friday late evening - we are in Gambia.
Two hours after arrival, I was sitting with our housemates in Sukuta.

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